Winter Gritting in Bishop Auckland

Beaumont – Winter Gritting in Bishop Auckland

Our winter maintenance team provides comprehensive gritting coverage throughout the North East of England and Yorkshire area.  We provide full gritting services and snow clearing services, as well as salt bin hire and salt sales for clients who do not require the full package.

We work in conjunction with the Met Office™ forecasting system and offer a round-the-clock service.  All of our clients have access to the 24 hour call-out number and we respond promptly in the event of extreme emergency conditions.

We use only the most effective pro-active gritting techniques, allowing us to provide you with high quality gritting services at a cost effective price.  By working with a diverse portfolio of clients, such as retail parks, supermarkets, chemical factories, office blocks, call centres and schools, we have built up significant expertise in the industry.


  • How do we decide when to grit?
    A decision to commence operation is based on the forecast and predicted temperatures for a given area. Especially road surface temperatures as they can be up to 5 – 7 degrees lower than air temperature.
  • When do we start gritting?
    Salt is ideally spread before roads become icy or snow starts to fall. This is known as proactive salting. After a sub zero temperature has been forecast we spread the salt ideally in advance of the temperature fall and freezing conditions. Prevention of ice formation is far better than treating already formed ice/fallen snow.
  • How much salt do we use?
    The recommended guidelines are to spread approximately 10-15 gms/m2 for precautionary salting and 20-40 gms/m2 during ice and snow conditions. Although of course this may differ as we evaluate each visit on a needs basis.
  • How does the salt work?
    The salt works by lowering the freezing point of moisture on the surface. Salt can stop ice forming and cause existing ice or snow to melt. However, salt does not work instantly, it needs to be ground down by pedestrian/vehicular traffic in order for it to be activated.

“The site has a very stringent H&S culture, which Beaumont GM adhere to. One of the most arduous tasks is to ensure that the car park and paths are regularly gritted during periods of snow and ice. This they do, more than adequately, on a proactive basis based on the weather forecast and has alleviated the need to be called in by security.”
Peter Costello
Facilities Manager – F&J Williams ISP Ltd