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Softening the hard edges of any brick work, paving or fencing is the job of plants. From turf to towering trees, from minimal planting consisting of a single specimen to massed planting in vast swathes of colour, the options are boundless.

Not only do plants and flowers look aesthetically appealing, well placed foliage, such as trees and shrubs, can help to conceal unpleasant views and quieten sounds that may distract from your business. Whether you want your soft planting to be natural, subtle or make a statement, it is important you have a team with the knowledge and skill to create a scheme that will complement the surrounding hardscape.

Here at Beaumont our experienced team of skilled operatives have worked on a large number of soft planting schemes from formal to informal, intensive to extensive, traditional to the unusual. With our extensive horticultural experience our clients can be sure they will get a first class scheme with quality plants that will thrive in the years to come.

Our services include:

  • Planting (Trees, Shrubs Roses and Herbaceous Perennials)
  • Site Clearance of Existing Features/Planting
  • Arboriculture Work
  • Water Features
  • Cultivation Work (seeding and Turfing)

Our in-house team thoroughly evaluate the project before beginning. We conduct comprehensive site surveys and can make use of the most cutting-edge technology, including laser technology, to achieve optimal accuracy. We work closely with our clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


“The company has a very professional and proactive attitude towards it clients. Not only does it carryout all landscaping tasks within the contract with diligence but also takes an overview, and provides advice on, any other related tasks that need doing but are not in the strict terms of the contract.”

Peter Costello
Facilities Manager – F&J Williams ISP Ltd


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