Beaumont win English Heritage Contract

    Beaumont Grounds Maintenance have won the contract to maintain the English Heritage sites across Cumbria. The Family run business were successful in winning a competitive tender and will start working on the historic sites at the end of March.

    English Heritage is a registered charity that looks after the National Heritage Collection. This comprises over 400 of England’s historic buildings, monuments and sites spanning more than 5,000 years of history. Within its portfolio are Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall and many Castles, Priories, Roman Forts and ancient sites.


    Beaumont will be responsible for the upkeep of 14 historic sites across the Cumbria region. The contract will be for 5 years and has a value in excess of £150,000. English Heritage made reference to Beaumont’s tender in awarding the contract saying they were not the cheapest proposal on the table, but they covered all the quality aspects that they were looking for.

    Mark Lineton, Beaumont’s financial director said, “We are delighted to have been chosen to work with English Heritage again. This contract award symbolises the direction that our company is moving in and we are all very excited for the future.”


    The sites Beaumont will be in charge of include visitor attractions such as Carlise Castle and Furness Abbey. The complex nature of the work requires the grounds maintenance provider to use specialist techniques to ensure that no historic artefacts are damaged. One of the more obscure requests is that any mole hills are put through a sieve to ensure no significant finds are missed!

    Sophie Lineton, Beaumont’s account manager said, “This is fantastic news. I feel that this is a stepping stone for us on our journey. It is great for a Family business like ours to be recognised with such a prestigious contract.”

    Beaumont are building on recent success over the past years and will have more positive news stories to be released over the forthcoming months.